marzo 6, 2023

We’re Hiring!

Apply for the Fundraising & Administrative Coordinator Position today! Application deadline is March 31st.

About the Position:

Rogue Climate is seeking a full-time Fundraising and Administrative Coordinator to assist with the day-to-day fundraising and administrative duties that are needed to support our team of staff and community members organizing for climate justice in Southern Oregon and the South Coast. This includes working with the Operations Director and Rogue Climate staff on the management of grants, individual donors, Rogue Climate’s database, and general administrative functions.

Apply today! Email your resume and cover letter to and specify “Fundraising and Administrative Coordinator” in the subject line by March 31, 2023.

About Rogue Climate:

Since 2013, Rogue Climate has been building a climate movement in Southern Oregon and the South Coast to achieve solutions to climate change that will result in cleaner energy, sustainable jobs, and a healthy climate. We have also played a lead organizing role to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure like the proposed Jordan Cove LNG fracked gas export project, move forward local clean energy policies, and more recently support mutual-aid networks in the wake of the Almeda Fire. We are committed to working for climate solutions that result in a just transition to clean energy that benefits rural communities, low-income communities, Latino/a/x, Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.

Qué harás:

As the Fundraising and Administrative Coordinator at Rogue Climate, you will be responsible for performing fundraising and administrative functions to support Rogue Climate staff. This will include, but is not be limited to:

  • Recaudación de fondos: Maintaining and tracking the grants calendar, grant research working with the Operations and Executive Directors to write and submit grants. Assist in planning individual donor campaigns and donor cultivation. Help actualize fundraising plans by setting a calendar for individual donor outreach. Working with Communications Coordinator to schedule digital and print outreach with individual donors. Assisting in scheduling one on one meetings with Rogue Climate staff and major donors. Assisting in planning and running in person fundraising events. Managing the monthly donor system.
  • Database: Assisting in managing the Rogue Climate database, especially around donor management. Pulling and cleaning lists for individual donor campaigns. Assisting in the migration from the current database to a new database.
  • Volunteer Management: Coordinating administrative volunteers and managing monthly volunteer fundraising team meetings.
  • General Administration: Cross training with Administrative Coordinator on financial system to provide back up. Managing digital file storage clean up and maintenance by working with Rogue Climate staff to clean up current files and refining file storage systems and develop an ongoing process to keep the file storage organized. Assisting other Rogue Climate staff on administrative needs for campaigns and programs.
Who you are and keys to success:

Para tener éxito en este trabajo, estará capacitado en estas áreas.

  • Muy organizado y con atención detallada: You have, or can create, a system for keeping tasks from slipping through the cracks. You can track grant deadlines, manage donors, and keep database records updated and accurate.
  • Independiente y colaborador: You can manage your time across multiple projects independently, and also work in team settings in-person and virtually.
  • Creando sistemas: Disfruta creando e implementando sistemas simples que aseguran que todos tengan lo que necesitan para hacer su trabajo y facilitan que las personas desarrollen nuevas habilidades.
  • Compromiso con la equidad racial y la justicia climática: You recognize the role of race, income, age, gender, immigration status, and other identities in climate justice, and you consistently look for ways to embed equity and justice in all aspects of the organization – especially our policies and practices. You recognize how your own identities show up in the work, and welcome, reflect on, and act on feedback with an eye toward continuous learning about race, ability, and other lines of difference.
Si estuvieras aquí ahora mismo, estarías:
  • Researching a potential new grant funder.
  • Assisting in the planning of the annual Rogue Climate fundraising event and 10 year celebration.
  • Entering donor information into Rogue Climate’s database.
  • Scheduling a meeting for the Executive Director with a major donor.
  • Working with Rogue Climate staff to organize digital filing systems.
Location & Benefits:

Esta posición se basará en la oficina de Rogue Climate en Phoenix, Oregon o en la oficina de Coos Bay de Rogue Climate. Se le proporcionará un teléfono celular y una computadora portátil.

The salary for this position is $56,046 with a $3,00 Spanish Language Enhancement.  Benefits include fully paid medical, dental and vision care, paid vacation, 3 months paid family medical leave, 10 days paid sick time, 11 flexible holidays, a home internet stipend, and a $200/month student loan repayment stipend.

Organizational COVID-19 Policy

La comunidad de centros de trabajo de Rogue Climate y valoramos la salud y la seguridad de nuestro personal y las comunidades con las que nos involucramos en nuestro trabajo.

Rogue Climate requires Covid-19 vaccination for all employees. Additional safety protocols are outlined in a policy statement that applies to all employees. Rogue Climate reserves the right to update Covid-19 related policies at any time.

How to Apply:

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to and specify “Fundraising and Administrative Coordinator” in the subject line by March 31, 2023. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Se anima a postularse a personas negras, latinas / a / x, indígenas y de color, personas trans y no conformes con el género, personas de origen pobre y de clase trabajadora y mujeres.

Nada en esta descripción del trabajo restringe el derecho de la gerencia a asignar o reasignar deberes y responsabilidades a este trabajo en cualquier momento.

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