10 Years of Action for Climate Justice

diciembre 15, 2022

Rogue Climate 2022

10 years of action for climate justice…

It’s hard to believe that this coming year is Rogue Climate’s 10 year anniversary! In early 2013, a small group of people planned a community art project called “It’s a Rogue Thing: Bringing Climate Concerns Home.” That salmon art project began as a way to start community conversations about taking local climate action in Southern Oregon–and ended up launching Rogue Climate.

Thanks to the work of our communities over the last 10 years, Rogue Climate has become one of the leading climate justice organizations in Oregon. From stopping Jordan Cove LNG, to passing one of the strongest clean energy bills in the country, to supporting our community in the aftermath of the Almeda Fire…together, we have accomplished a lot. We also have grown as an organization. We now have two offices (one in Phoenix, OR and one in Coos Bay, OR), hundreds of volunteers, and 12 staff members committed to building a rural movement for climate action.

This last year alone, Rogue Climate:

  • Passed Oregon’s Emergency Heat Relief Bill with statewide partners to invest millions into air conditioning, air filters, and cooling centers for low-income Oregonians.
  • Supported monthly supply and resource navigation pop-ups for Almeda fire survivors alongside the Rogue Action Center and other partners.
  • Advocated to ensure the bills our coalition passed in 2021 through the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign were implemented with equity at the forefront.
  • Trained 16 youth through our Organizing Internship and supported the Rogue Climate Action Youth Team to launch an electrification campaign.
  • Coordinated the installation of 50+ energy saving ductless heat pumps in Klamath County.
  • Hosted community conversations to learn more about local priorities regarding Floating Offshore Wind proposals for the South Coast.
  • Celebrated the ultimate defeat of Jordan Cove LNG!

In the coming year, we will be organizing to stop the newly proposed GTN XPress pipeline expansion project, ensuring our communities are better prepared for the impacts of climate change through the development of resilience hubs, and supporting local campaigns to transition away from methane gas and towards electrifying our homes and businesses. We will also be developing a program to address community concerns regarding climate change impacts on water access.

We have a lot of work ahead, and it will take all of us. In the coming year, we hope you will volunteer, donate, and take action to keep building an unstoppable movement for climate justice in our rural communities!

Thank you for all that you do,

El equipo Rogue Climate

2022 in Review

Justicia energética

2022 Highlights:
Rogue Climate and communities passed three energy justice bills in 2021; in 2022, we advocated to ensure the bills were implemented in a way that would bring the most benefits to low-income, rural, and communities of color. As a result, 21 rural community energy projects received millions of dollars in state funding, and low-income utility customers began to receive a 20-40% discount on their energy bills. Meanwhile, the South Coast team hosted three community conversations to begin a dialogue about floating offshore wind energy–we heard from 75 people and will continue to gather input so we can uplift community priorities and concerns in the process.

What’s Ahead:
Rogue Climate and partners are working with community members –including youth– in the HB 2021 Community Advocate Cohort to make sure that Oregon’s big utility companies implement plans to transition to clean energy with an equity focus. We remain neutral on floating offshore wind energy until more information is available, and are committed to building a foundation for community voices to be at the forefront of future development proposals.

Youth Organizing

2022 Highlights:
Youth on the Rogue Climate Action Team (RCAT) launched a campaign for the City of Ashland to transition away from fossil fuels by requiring all new buildings to be 100% electric–improving public health, climate, and affordability in our community. They also learned about policy and campaign strategy, and conducted a Youth Climate Justice Candidate Questionnaire for the Ashland City Council race. 16 interns from the South Coast and Rogue Valley completed the 2022 Summer Youth Leaders Internship, which included nine weeks of climate justice organizing workshops, and supporting local campaigns.

What’s Ahead:
Rogue Climate is gearing up to continue the Youth Leaders Internship in the Rogue Valley and South Coast, and will be hosting a Rogue Valley BIPOC internship cohort – check out the website this winter to apply! We are also launching a youth team on the South Coast, to continue developing the next generation of leaders.

Stopping New Fossil Fuels

2022 Highlights:
After decades of fighting Jordan Cove LNG, communities across the region defeated the pipeline project! We celebrated with community members and partners along the pipeline route. Our communities have shut down pipeline projects, and now fossil fuel corporations are trying a new strategy to continue fracking by adding gas through existing pipelines. Rogue Climate is organizing to stop GTN XPress, a pipeline expansion project that threatens to significantly increase the methane gas through the GTN pipeline that runs through Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We helped establish a growing coalition, organized educational events, and pressured elected officials to publicly oppose the expansion.

What’s Ahead:

The Stop GTN XPress Campaign will be continuing to organize with communities in our region to put an end to this pipeline expansion project. Take action at rogueclimate.com/ourwork/gtn. The South Coast team will be working with community to protect the natural and cultural resources in the Coos Bay Estuary from future development proposals like Jordan Cove LNG by advocating for stronger estuary protections.

Building Communities Resilient to Climate Change

2022 Highlights:
Together, we passed the Emergency Heat Relief Bill, investing millions into air conditioning, air filters, and cooling centers to help low-income communities prepare for heat waves. The Almeda Fire Relief Team hosted monthly supply and resource navigation pop-ups, supporting over 100 families at each one. Too many of our neighbors are still displaced, and we all need to continue to raise our voices to bring them home. Rogue Climate began hosting art, culture, and community building gatherings, with the goal of strengthening support networks in the Rogue Valley.

What’s Ahead:
The voices of 116 people informed the creation of a community resilience guidebook. Now, we are advocating for policy to establish resilience hubs – resource centers like libraries and schools that are equipped with solar and battery back up to help communities respond to climate disasters. We are also working with the Department of Energy on a pilot project in Talent to develop a series of connected solar and battery backup projects on public buildings to ensure clean and reliable energy all the time.

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