A group of youth in a city plaza holding a large banner that says "Ashland Youth for Electrification." The sign is in the middle of the group, with blue text and a large yellow sun with yellow and orange rays made out of hand prints. There are other smaller climate protest signs interspersed throughout the group.
Join the Campaign! Support Ashland Youth for Electrification:

Rogue Climate Action Team (RCAT) is launching a new campaign to pass an ordinance in the City of Ashland, that would make steps towards transitioning off of fracked gas by building 100% electric for new buildings and homes.

Instead of burning fossil fuels in our homes and buildings that harm our health and our climate, the City of Ashland can build 100% electric buildings. The City of Ashland has an opportunity to pass an ordinance that would require all new buildings to be fully electric, improving public health, climate, and affordability in our community.

How can you get involved?

You can support this youth-led campaign by:

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