Rogue Climate aims to inspire and develop the next generation of climate leaders and community organizers, especially from communities most impacted by climate change.

Rogue Climate hosts bi-annual internship programs for youth to become empowered to take action on climate justice within their communities.

We help youth leaders develop their organizing skills from environmental and social justice frameworks. Interns get hands-on experience and develop skills by doing the work.

Each internship cohort is a ten week long series of trainings, where 10-15 youth meet to learn, take action, and discuss topics including:

Community Organizing 101

Climate Change
and Migration

Direct Action

And Much More!

After completing the internship, youth are invited to join the Rogue Climate Action Team to continue developing their organizing skills. They gain experience working with Rogue Climate on local climate justice campaigns.


The Rogue Climate Action Team (RCAT) is a youth-led team focused on making change within their communities.  This youth leadership team has been trained through Rogue Climate’s youth internship program to organize for climate, transit, social and economic justice campaigns.

A group of youth in a city plaza holding a large banner that says "Ashland Youth for Electrification." The sign is in the middle of the group, with blue text and a large yellow sun with yellow and orange rays made out of hand prints. There are other smaller climate protest signs interspersed throughout the group.

In March of 2023, RCAT organized a 400 person walkout at Ashland High School to demand the city of Ashland take immediate climate action. From there, they launched the Ashland Youth for Electrification Campaign.

During the 2019 Global Climate Walkouts, RCAT organized across school districts to turn out more than 1000 people in Southern Oregon to demand climate justice.

RCAT members are leading a campaign to transition new residences in Ashland off of fossil fuels!

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