Rogue Climate was founded by community members in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon and over the years has supported organizing throughout the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion, from Roseburg to Redding, and from the Pacific to the crest of the Cascades. More recently, Rogue Climate has supported organizing across the mountains in the Klamath Basin, the watersheds of Upper Klamath Lake, and the Klamath River. These regions have been stewarded since time immemorial by many different Tribal Nations.  

Climate change is already impacting the health, environment, economy, and communities of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Scientific reports show that our communities are on track to experience hotter temperatures, more extreme wildfires, less snow, more flood events and more frequent droughts.   

For more detailed information about the climate impacts of the Rogue and Klamath River Basins, check out these reports from the Geos Institute:

Rogue River Basin Climate Impacts 
Klamath River Basin Climate Impacts 

Through Rogue Climate, those most impacted by climate change are organizing for change, including low income communities, Tribal communities, communities of color, and rural communities. Rogue Climate is supporting the large, growing, and vibrant Latinx community in Southern Oregon to take a leading role in the climate movement.

Rogue Climate works in active  partnership with the Rogue Action Center and many other community groups across Oregon because of the close connection between climate justice and other issues involving racial and economic justice, transportation, housing, and health care. Real climate solutions must address current inequities on these issues and not place new burdens on those who are already most impacted.

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