During the pandemic, Rogue Climate is adapting and continuing to care for, defend, transform and compartir (meaning to share) with the communities of Southern Oregon. Many of the communities most hurt by climate change are also most at risk from the virus.

We will care for each other directly now, working to make sure Southern Oregonians are safe and connected to one another, even if we must be physically apart. We will defend this place we love so much — its rivers, its fish, its ecosystems, and its people — by keeping a watchful eye on the fossil fuel industry and their allies in government. We will work with a powerful coalition of partners to transform our society from the root, creating a better “normal” to return to. And we will work to ensure that resources and content are developed and shared (compartir) in culturally responsive ways by and for the Latino/a/x community.

The CARE team

is working on Mutual Aid projects in Southern Oregon. Rogue Climate defines Mutual Aid as the voluntary and reciprocal sharing of skills, resources, and ideas to ensure that our communities have what they need in this time.


is supporting mutual aid and building community for Spanish-speaking and immigrant peoples through sharing resources and creating content for Spanish speakers, by Spanish speakers. These resources are in direct response to community needs and are done in culturally responsive and relevant ways. While the immigrant community is the backbone of Oregon’s economy, the Latinx community has been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and many cannot access unemployment insurance benefits.

The DEFEND team

is pushing back on attempts from the fossil fuel industry to use this crisis as a moment to move forward harmful projects, like Jordan Cove LNG, and roll back regulations that protect our communities’ health, clean water, public safety, and the climate.


is creating the change we’ve already been fighting for by advocating for policy at the local and state levels that helps people who are most impacted by both the COVID-19 crisis and the climate crisis.

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