Resilience hubs are community based locations that nourish existing relationships and trust in the community to help prepare for the impacts of climate change and other disruptions.

Being resilient as a community means being able to respond to, withstand, and recover from disruptions and challenges to daily life. It also means adapting and growing to be prepared together for an ever-changing world.

With temperatures on the rise, a decade-long drought, and an ongoing pandemic — it couldn’t be more imperative to support local resilience for communities in Southern Oregon. Rogue Climate is dedicated to partnering with community members and organizations to create a more resilient future.

Hubs can look different based on community needs. Instead of a hub doing everything all at once, a hub could choose to take on roles such as disaster preparedness, job training and recruitment, or social and emotional care for community members.

The three main aspects of resilience are:

  1. Community Leadership
  2. Off-Grid Renewable Energy and Battery Storage
  3. Local Partnerships

Community Resilience Survey

Rogue Climate conducted a survey in the fall of 2021 about resilience to climate-related disruptions. Participants were asked to share their perceptions of both community resilience in public spaces, and personal resilience in private spaces, as well as make recommendations based on their own experiences.

The survey identified many community spaces that would be ideal for resilience hubs, and also that feeling safe and prepared at home is an important aspect of resilience.

The most common suggestions for the location of a resilience hub were:

  1. Schools
  2. Faith institutions & places of worship
  3. Community centers
  4. Libraries

Making Local Resilience Work

Below you will find a collection of resources that can help to support projects dedicated to resilience. They include opportunities for financial, technical, creative support, and inspiration and examples from other communities.

This document will be actively updated with more relevant opportunities and resources as they are released. [English only]

Community Resilience Guidebook

Are you passionate about environmental justice?
Are you part of an organization that cares about preparedness and resilience?
Are you a person who wants to see a more just future for yourself and your neighbors?

This document will be a good starting point for anyone who wants to know what resilience hubs are about, and start imagining a transformation in their community. It includes definitions, graphics, reflection questions, and guidance to further tools you can utilize along the journey towards greater community resilience. (Haga clic aqui para la guia en Español)

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