Energize Klamath is a limited-time group purchase campaign for homes and businesses in Klamath County

Energize Klamath is a limited-time opportunity for homes and businesses in Klamath County to install ductless heat pumps at a discounted rate, and reduce utility bills. Ductless heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat AND cool your home at a lower cost than traditional heating systems.

As our communities transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, energy efficiency is a critical part of reducing demand. Upgrading heating and cooling systems, changing lighting to LEDs, and adding insulation can reduce energy costs and save energy, while creating jobs. 

Rogue Climate has teamed up with Spark Northwest, local contractors, and community partners including Craft3, Oregon Renewable Energy Center, Energy Trust of Oregon, and more to offer this community-driven campaign. Local volunteers trained by Rogue Climate conduct outreach about this opportunity to save energy and money and select local installation contractors through a competitive bidding process.

In 2016-2022, 720 people participated in Energize programs in Jackson, Josephine, Douglas and Coos Counties, and more than 220 participants installed ductless heat pumps in their homes and businesses!

Come to an Enerigize community workshop, learn what incentives and rebates you qualify for, and sign up to have the system installed. It is easy, and the money and energy savings will last for decades.

To qualify for the Energize Klamath discount, attend a free, 1-hour workshop. Workshops will be scheduled for July-August 2022 (dates TBA).

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