[SALEM, OR] – After receiving an approval today from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that is dependent on state permits, Pembina filed with the US Secretary of Commerce in an attempt to overturn Oregon’s denial of Jordan Cove LNG’s Coastal Zone Permit. At roughly the same time, Senator Ron Wyden issued a statement opposing the Jordan Cove LNG project and decrying the preferential treatment being given to Pembina by the federal government.

“Pembina can’t simply ask the Secretary of Commerce to overturn Oregon’s denial of the Coastal Zone permit and expect to move this project forward,” said Stacey Detwiler of Rogue Riverkeeper. “The state of Oregon has strong authority under the federal Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, as well as state property rights to deny this project, which has consistently failed to meet state standards put in place to protect clean water and public health. Without all of these required approvals from the state, Jordan Cove LNG has no viable path forward.”

The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) denied the Coastal Zone permit on February 19, 2020 because “the coastal adverse effects from the project will be significant and undermine the vision set forth by the Oregon Coastal Management Plan and its enforceable policies.” Three of the necessary state permits for Jordan Cove LNG have already been denied or withdrawn, including the Clean Water Act and Removal-Fill permits. 

In order to grant an override request, the Secretary must find that the activity is consistent with the Coastal Zone Management Act, or is necessary in the interest of national security. If the Secretary overturns the Coastal Zone permit denial, the State of Oregon can challenge.

“Oregon’s agencies have already made it clear that this project is not in the public interest,” said Coos County resident Darcy Grahek. “Pembina’s appeal to the US Secretary of Commerce doesn’t change the fact that this project would harm the coastal resources our communities and the local fishing economy depend on. We’re counting on Governor Kate Brown to defend this denial and the Oregon coast.”

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