August 25, 2020

Rogue Valley Renewable Energy Assessment: In 2011, the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District, Jackson County, and the GEOS institute came together to commission a study from the good company on the potential for Renewable Energy in Jackson County.  They found that the most cost effective “renewable” energy with the largest potential here in the Rogue Valley is energy efficiency, followed by wind and solar. 

You can check out the full report here: Rogue Valley Renewable Energy Assessment  

The executive summary here: Rogue Valley Renewable Energy Assessment Summary 

The section on energy efficiency here: Energy Efficiency Potential in the Rogue Valley 

The section on solar here: Solar potential in the Rogue Valley 

Southern Oregon Greenhouse Gas Inventory: This report was commissioned by the Rogue Valley Council of Governments and summarizes the findings of a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory conducted on behalf of the Rogue Valley region for emissions generated in 2006.   

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