Talent Clean Energy Plan

August 17, 2020

After the City Council passed the Clean Energy Action plan developed by community members, they referred the plan to a City appointed “Community Advisory Committee” made up of Talent residents to review the plan and update it so that it could become an official chapter of the Talent Comprehensive Plan – the Talent “Energy Element.”

The CAC finalized an extensive review of the plan, and has proposed the Energy Element to the Talent Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will now review the Energy Element and recommend to the City Council weather or not to adopt the Energy Element as a official chapter of the Talent Comprehensive plan – ensuring that the city prioritizes clean energy and energy efficiency for the next 20 years in city decisions.

You can view the draft Energy Element HERE. 


Talent residents are coming together to:

  • Make it easier for residents, businesses, schools, and city government to save energy and to use solar power and other forms of cleaner energy.
  • Create local jobs making buildings more energy efficient and installing cleaner energy systems.
  • Use water wisely as climate change reduces average snowpack in our mountains.
  • Encourage local food sources and community gardens.
  • Improve transportation systems and take other steps to improve quality of life in Talent.

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