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Rogue Climate Executive Director to Step Down in May

After over 10 years, Rogue Climate’s Hannah Sohl announced that she is transitioning from her role as executive director of the climate justice organization on Friday, May 3. 

“It has been an amazing decade working with Rogue Climate and the communities we have built. I am so proud of the climate justice work we have accomplished together with our partners and communities on the South Coast and in the Rogue Valley. I can honestly say that being a part of Rogue Climate has been one of the greatest honors of my life.” Said Hannah Sohl, executive director of Rogue Climate. “Rogue Climate couldn’t be in better hands with a truly incredible staff, board, youth, volunteers and partners, and I am excited to support whatever comes next for the organization”

Hannah co-founded Rogue Climate in 2013 alongside local Rogue Valley residents. With the support of thousands of community members and other partners, she has helped to expand and strengthen the organization in the Rogue Valley and Oregon’s South Coast. During the last decade, Rogue Climate has grown into one of the key climate justice organizations in the state. 

While Hannah was Executive Director, Rogue Climate played a critical role in stopping Jordan Cove LNG, passing some of the strongest state climate legislation in the country including the Clean Energy for All Bill and local clean energy and climate action plans, and coordinating mutual aid efforts to support community members after the 2020 Almeda and Obenchain Fires. 

Today, Rogue Climate has ten staff members and hundreds of volunteers, with an office in the Rogue Valley and one on the South Coast. The organization will continue its current campaigns and programs, and has many plans on the horizon for the future.

“Our staff is so proud of all of the work that Hannah has pushed forward during her time at Rogue Climate. Her leadership and support in our work, as well as in our communities, has contributed to growth for all of us. Hannah’s absence will be deeply felt at Rogue Climate, but we also know that change is an important part of movement work. Mostly, we are all very excited for her next adventure,” said Ashley Audycki, South Coast coordinator for Rogue Climate. 

Colleen Dixon will be stepping in as the interim executive director later this month, and will help  lead the search for the next permanent executive director through the summer. Colleen has been the executive director of multiple organizations and has experience supporting organizations through leadership transitions as well as a background in environmental justice.

“Hannah is an exemplary leader who has laid a long path for Rogue Climate’s future with her excellence and determination. We are so thankful for Hannah ensuring that Rogue Climate staff and community members are set up for success during this transition, and we know that the staff will continue to grow and thrive in their world-changing work,” said Rogue Climate Board President Isabella Lee Tibbetts. ”We are thrilled Colleen will be with us during this vital time.”


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